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Counsel on Transparency and Governance

Yemen . Horn of Africa

Who are We

TraGov is a professional rights based campaigner, development experts and humanitarian recovery managers for improved institutional governance, transparency and quality responses in Yemen and Horn of Africa.

We provide world class awareness campaigns, programmes management and leadership of

humanitarian responses. We work with the governments, private sector and civil society organizations. We are also highly responsive to selected vulnrable groups protection needs

TraGov is registered in Yemen # 3573 and through partners in the region

Our Aim

is the safety of vulnerable communities, recovery of peace and livelihood institutions in Yemen

Our Objectives

  • Enhanced stability through structured humanitarian and recovery deployments
  • Participation of civil society in public policies and the design and recovery of institutions.
  • Stability development through world class governance and transparency campaigns.
  • Needs assessments, monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian interventions and management of restricted funds.

Our Approach

Our approach to influence and drive change is through
* High caliber technical expertise to advocate, develop and mentor
* Benchmarking of performance standards and Indicators
* Mentoring at all levels for institutional capacity building
* Management of projects and topical technical assistance


- Protection, IDP and other humanitarian deployments.
-Awareness campaigns to improve early recovery of catastrophic and epidemic challenges.

- Accountable governance by government and alias institutions
- Early recovery projects, informed practices and continuous  development.
- Civil society empowerment and policy making participation
- Gender planning, budgeting and evaluations

Target Sectors and Locations


- Community economic stability, management of differences and institutional recovery solutions

- Protection and Shelter

- Livelihood recovery projects

- Promotions of gender justice throughout.

- Engagement of civil society

- Capacity building and awareness raising campaigns

- Deployment of humanitarian responses


- Yemen (operational and partners)

- Horn of Africa (partners)

What We Do


Ministry of Trade
* Ongoing campaign to improve regulation and prudence of corporate financial reporting
* Lobbying towards adaptation of international accounting and reporting standards to improve quality and transparency of financial reports.

Prime Ministerial Office

Pressure groups to lobby for enactment of special municipal procedures to interpret laws open for mixed interpretations

What We Do

Humanitarian and Community Based Development

Network of Allied Societies
* Organizational capacity building .

* Deployment of humanitarian assistance packages in Aden Lahj and Abyan due to floods and pandemic outbreaks

Campaign for Improving Civil Society Participation

* Forums and dialogue to improve communication between CSOs and the local authorities in Aden and Lahj

* Management of ACT - Aden Catastrophe Trust Fund


Abdulla A Basahi, Chief Executive Officer

Abdulla has substantial experience in programme leadership, management consulting and humanitarian planning , which has been established through a strong focus on his clients over the last 20 years. Over that period, he has gained in depth knowledge in governance and designing/ implementing strategic solutions to address challenging development campaigns, business solutions and institutional reforms of both government and private clients. As a holder of senior management roles in Frank Russell, Alcatel Australia and Arthur Anderson together with leadership of regional donor funded projects, he provided services include corporate assessments, programme evaluation and leadership of reform campaigns. He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, CPA Australia and the Australian Chartered Institute of Management.  He holds BSc (Hons) 2:1 from Robert Gordon University in Scotland, MBA in Finance from University of Technology Sydney and MA in Community Development from Deakin University, Australia  

Serraj D Mehla, Communications Manager


Seraj is an experienced humanitarian response expert Having served in  Care International and VSO missions in Sril Lanka and Bangladesh for over twenty five years, he brings his experience in campaigns development  for greater transparency and accountability in the government and corporate sectors. He holds the degree of Bachelor Science in Business Administration  from Bangalore University.

Ahmed Basundwa , Regional Manager


Ahmed is an experienced corporate banker and regional fundraiser. Having served in the Gulf banking sectors i for over twenty years, he brings his experience in development and accountability in the government and corporate sectors. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Accountancy from Cairo University.

Zerina Yousef, Programmes Development Manager


Zerina is an experienced technical assistance manager and proposal developer. She worked in development for may years including Merlin, VSO UK and Oxfam International. She holds MSc in development studies at the University of Susses in Brightom, UK.

Mohammed A Basaleh, Treasurer

Mohammed is an experienced financial manager, with previous posts in the private sector, charity organizations and tax authority. He holds a BTEC diploma in accounting.

Manager Gender Equity on Transparency and Accountability. Vacant

Panel of Governors

Mohammed Abdulla Saeed - Modernization of Public Sector Management 

Mohammed is a nominated moderator in organizational design and assessment. Thirty years of experience in the development of pay structures, bylaws and executive regulations to government civil service and the private sectors. A former expatriate to International Labour Organizations, World Bank local administration projects and commercial enterprises. He holds a BA in management from Baghdad University and professional courses in public management from USA, France and Poland. He is a member of number of international committees and due diligence
forums in UK, USA and Germany.

Clare E Boulder  - Management of Political Difference


Clare is an international expert in democratization with more than thirty years of proven experience in facilitation of dialogues in west Africa. She served as peace promoter and then executive think Tank Aspire in Ghana. She was a renowned publisher in prominent newspapers, leader of peer group discussions and a lecturer in number of training outlets. She holds MA in English Literature from Keele University in UK.

Caroline Bissette  - Early Recovery Development

Caroline is a practitioner in international campaigns to strengthen transparency of governments in the region. She is a former Arthur Andersen Partner in Paris in mergers and acquisitions and corporatisation of government economic enterprises. She holds MBA from Insead Spain and professional designation from the Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy in the UK

Qais Mohammed Maisary - Ethics Development

Qais is a nominated legal and corporate ethics advisor. He provides development services to a number of corporate, government and professional bodies. Qais also provides strategic and business management services to organizations in a range of industries, including fast-moving consumer goods, and financial planning. Qais was previously a senior manager of legal affairs at the Public Telecommunication Corporation. He holds LLM in Commercial Law from Bucharest University and a designation by Yemen Bar Association.

James Beck (external nominee) - Corporate Governance

James is a nominated external moderator and Managing Director of Effective Governance. Effective Governance is a spec1alist governance firm, committed to helping boards to add value and improve organizational performance through education, research and advocacy for good governance.As a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers,he previously held the role of Education Leader for five years.

Contact Us

TraGov - Counsel on Transparency & Governance

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Aden Catastrophe Trust

TraGov has established a special restricted fund to repond to the recent pandemics and flash floods in Aden

for any information regarding the Trust please use the phone contacts
Telephone +967 2 275085 Fax +967 2 231672

WhatsUp inquires +00967734439586

To donate or inquire please email us on donor.coordinator@tragovcounsel.com